Why NFT Books make sense and why they don't

If I imagine a future where the metaverse will exist, NFT Books and digital properties will make sense. However, scams have led to excessive hate against the concept of NFT.

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Monts ago, I published this tweet (in Spanish). It translates as:

💬 One of the features I've been thinking about the most lately is creating an NFT for each published ebook.

I may be in the hype of NFTizing everything, or it may make sense to create a unique piece. Let's see.

Where I assessed the possibility of publishing a book as NFT from MPL-Publisher. The reason for this idea was not to take advantage of the wave of Crypto Punk, Bored Apes, and other hype surrounding NFTs, but to apply the benefits of a token (that is, the representation of a digital good) in the context of books and MPL-Publisher.

During these months. I have been asking myself why or why not develop it, reaching the following conclusions.

Why NFT Books make sense

If I imagine a future where the metaverse will exist, where people will have their representation and a continuation of our physical lives, the digital properties will make sense.

💡 Imagine that (in real life) someone has a library in his house and tells you that the copy he is showing you is the first edition of Don Quixote. With its powder and others. That "object" has more value than the same one I have on the shelf at home, even though the content of both is the same.

If I apply that same logic to the metaverse, I need a mechanism capable of proving that origin but, in this case, from the digital representation of the book. So NFT books do make sense to me.

Why NFT Books make sense

Not only that. I have to think about the success of my product, so in my particular case, I have to find a way to stand out from the alternatives to MPL-Publisher. Since I have no more resources to compete with, the only thing left for me is to be several steps ahead and extravagance, so I have to throw bets of this type.

Why NFT Books don't make sense

The lack of knowledge and the scams that have occurred in the last year have not been a pleasant introduction to the concept of NFTs for many people, which is why there is extreme reluctance in a huge sector of the population.

💡 The "if I download it, I already have it" argument is quickly dismantled (you can download an image of Guernica, but does that make it yours?), but what cannot be dismantled is the existence of absurd projects that they have arisen trying to benefit from it.

This has led to excessive hate against the concept of NFT, so many people distrust any tool that proposes something related to it. For example, the moment Gumroad flirted (it did not go further) with the possibility of integrating NFTs, was reason enough for some of its users to unsubscribe.

In my case, I see more weight to the PROs than to the CONs, so I have decided to continue with it and add support for NFT Books at MPL-Publisher. If you are interested, I've developed a small tool to create your NFT Book.

We empower authors to receive 85% of initial sales, and up to 20% in royalties on all secondary sales of their work. Mint your NFT Book, and you will become one of the first authors to accomplish this achievement.

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