✍️ The easiest way to make an online book

Create a digital book from your WordPress site to capture your online readers. Add optional analytics and tracking or sell your publication online.

Make an online book with MPL-Publisher

Make an online book with MPL-Publisher

A digital book is a perfect way to tell your story or showcase your subject matter expertise. With our online book creator, you can easily create a digital book from a WordPress site that you can embed on another website and sell online.

Advanced analytics & tracking

Every online book will have its unique link to share and to connect with an external link management platform, like Bitly. You can personalize, share, and track your content links while capturing data with every click.

Create once, share everywhere

A digital book is not only convenient, it's interactive and engaging. With our digital book creator, you provide a resource that goes everywhere the reader goes. As long as they have their phone in their pocket they have your book.

Join the Creator Economy

The creator economy has led to the transformation of publishing industries where anyone can be a publisher or author with the right tools. Making an online book is one of these ways that enable authors to take control over their content and distribution channels.

Make an online book with MPL-Publisher

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