The easiest way to make an NFT Book

Readers will be able to OWN their digital books, and writers will be able to benefit from the blockchain technology.

Make an NFT Book with MPL-Publisher

Make an NFT Book with MPL-Publisher

An NFT book can be considered as a digital asset that can be stored or traded in a way very similar to first edition print books.

Fair Value for Authors

We empower authors to receive 85% of initial sales, and up to 20% in royalties on all secondary sales of their work. Learn more about how NFT Books can benefit book authors.

Unique Editions for Readers

We're helping to create a limited number of individualised digital copies that can be stored and treasured by readers in an accountable, personal digital library.

Make an NFT Book with MPL-Publisher

Storage via IPFS

Standard ERC-1155

Import EPUB or PDF

Public Smart Contracts

Available on Main/Testnet

Compatible w/ OpenSea

What others are saying

From self-published authors and small publishers to universities, we helped over 1000+ authors to transform the way they publish their writings.

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