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Importing publicationsโ€ฆ
Book details

Enter your book details, including title, description, and authors. We encourage you to complete as many fields as possible, as richer data could help readers discover your books.

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Cover image

Strong cover design will catch a reader's eye, capture their interest and communicate what the book is about. These things inspire someone to buy your book.

Cover image Default cover image

Recommended size is 625x1000 โ„น๏ธ

Lato & Merriweather
Lato & Merriweather
Montserrat & Crimson
Montserrat & Crimson
Metadata settings

Metadata is the information about your book. It is what allows your ebooks reading app to organize or filter the ebooks. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for readers to discover your book.

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Output format
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First, we need the source to import the content. Choose between our different platforms and click ๐Ÿ“ Import to get the publications. Each publication from this source will be a chapter of your ebook.
Importing publicationsโ€ฆ
Your current import has no publications or it's not available now.
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